Smith + Caughey

To Whom It May Concern,

As Human Resources Manager at Smith + Caughey's, I have used the services of Employrite since August 2000.

All prospective employees complete the application and no offer is made before the checks are done. This service has proved its value many times over as possible risks to the business have been identified prior to employment.

Although the majority of applicants are recommended, there have been many instances where we have been recommended to ask further questions of the applicant to clarify a situation and when an applicant has not been recommended. I can fully trust the judgments made by Employrite.

The professionalism of the company and the investigators is excellent at all times with good relationships built between them and my HR team.

Employrite take the time to know your business so that references relate to the qualifications or experience required. Many instances allow extra communication to endorse a query or a concern as the applicant has often disclosed situations during the interview process.

The database at Employrite is huge, the service is professional and the results work for our company.

I would confidently recommend Employrite to other employers.

Jill Kerr, Human Resources Manager
Smith + Caughey, New Zealand

NZ Power Company

Employrite strive to provide us with a top quality service that allows us to ensure the quality of our candidates.

The team are approachable and friendly, and work collaboratively with us to ensure a smooth process with the best possible outcomes.

HR Manager, NZ Power Company
Top quality service assures quality of candidates, New Zealand

Global Consumer Brands

With Te Rito Henry Miki, mentioned so much in the news lately I am stunned that this man was able to continue being employed by schools and working among vulnerable children. There is speculation that not one of the schools undertook adequate background checks before hiring Mika. Had just one of them contacted previous employers, they would have uncovered his deception. Had they not heard of Employrite (and there must be others) who offer such a cost effective service and give peace of mind.

I would like to thank you for the comfort you have given our company and our Clients (Global Consumer Brands) in the knowledge that through using your service we are employing correctly.

You once mentioned to me that your team are ex investigators who conduct the reference checking and they know how to uncover the lies and deception. A highly underestimated skill I am sure.

Just thought I would take 5 minutes out of my day to drop you this note just to say a big thank you and your team and keep up the good work – with people like this around we will all continue to need your service.

Lynne Cowan
Vendor Sales Support, New Zealand

Genesis Energy Ltd

Employrite have provided pre-screening services for the last seven years to our organisation.  The Employrite team have been a pleasure to work with, we submit our request online and the team pick this up and follow it through to completion.

They have made the pre-screening process professional, simple and efficient with their online system and focus on service delivery.  The personal hands-on experience is second to none and has added value to our process.

Janet Steffert
Talent & Development Consultant - Acquisition

Swan Management

Swan Management started working with Employrite in 2014 after we had a number of our recruitment decisions turn out to be a very bad idea.  We didn’t have accurate, timely information on candidates and found out post-employment that we should not have employed them.
Using Employrite to assist us with candidate information prior to employment has been a very sound business strategy.  I know that if there is anything of concern with a candidate, I’ll receive a phone call from David to give me a heads up.  Having the candidates knowing in advance that we do employment screening also encourages them to provide us with accurate information right from the start.
Both David and Katrina are consummate professionals.  I highly recommend using Employrite as part of your recruitment process.
Josie Swan
Managing Director, Swan Management

Employrite strive to provide us with a top quality service that allows us to ensure the quality of our candidates.

HR Manager, NZ Power Company
Top quality service assures quality of candidates, New Zealand

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