Why Choose Employrite

Our people

Employrite people have an intense love of people and our people are our greatest asset.

Our company values are honesty, integrity, team, customer focus, communication and discipline. It is our mission and heartfelt desire to do our job to such a standard so as to allow businesses to have confidence and trust in the people they are hiring and investing in and making the workplace a better place.

Honesty, trust and experience

Over the 27 years we have been in business, honesty and trust have been the cornerstones of our business with our customers trusting our recommendations and knowing that we deliver the highest standard of work at all times. We have long term clients who value our work and our findings. We have frequently been told by our customers that on the rare ocassion when they have gone against our insights and recommendations say they have lived to regret it. All greatly appreciate and respect our contribution to their business and value the relationships formed with our team.

Online platform

Even in the event of a power loss or major disaster, Employrite has and is able to continue operating due to the online system we work through. It takes just moments from the applicant's submission of the file for Employrite to start working on the file via the online system. Should disaster occurr we can be up an running from a different location within an hour. Companies moving to paperless offices no longer have to push paper and can view all company transactions and records online.

Service delivery and response

Our systems and well tested processes and connections mean that we can deliver checks accurately and keep to service delivery promises. Our online and global connections ensure our speedy turnaround times and global reach to secure checks from the widest reaches of the world.

Ours is no supermarket model

It is it is a well defined process that is methodical, systematic, analytical and attracts the investigative and curious minds. Our people are not employed just to process or enter data. They are trained to think outside the square and sort by difference. Our operations team manage the file and run all the background checks with the exception of the reference checks. Our experienced investigators manage the reference checks (with a net 150 years experience) and speak with previous employers and referees and report back after cross referencing and checking all the information and claims by the applicant. Then all the information is collated and presented to the client for them to make an informed decision.

Market leader in technology

Employrite was the first background checking companies to build an online platform for candidates and clients to access in 2006. It allows the candidates to access from any internet location, it ensures accuracy and provides a speedier process and greater efficiency and transparency for clients. Early in 2013 we are releasing a totally new platform with multiple features and benefits for our clients and taking the system to a higher level. We are into our second refinement when other NZ players still haven't produced their first.

Employrite strive to provide us with a top quality service that allows us to ensure the quality of our candidates.

HR Manager, NZ Power Company
Top quality service assures quality of candidates, New Zealand

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