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Criminial Conviction Checks Australia

Employrite Pty Ltd is an accredited agency to the ACIC to provide NPCS (National Police Checking Service) to companies.

This means clients accessing this service receive clear results immediately.

Employrite Australia also conducts National Police checks with the Australian Federal Police check.

  •  What do I need to do to access the services of Employrite for a National Police Check with ACIC?

Clients need to sign a Customer Agreement with Employrite and comply with Privacy requirements mandated by the ACIC.  These requirements relate to the storage and retention of criminal history information and can be easily explained by our office.

  • Who do I contact?

Please contact our Australian office if you have any questions on 03 9890 7711 or via email at  

  • What forms and ID do I need?

The Employrite online system contains all the forms and ID requirements so your applicant is guided through entering the required information, signing the consent form and providing ID.  The ID can be witnessed and confirmed by a client employee – there is no need for a certified copy.  The minimum ID requirements are as follows:

  1.  Birth Certificate or Passport
  2. Drivers Licence, Proof of Age Card, Firearm Licence (if under 18 a Student Card with photograph) – ID with Photograph
  3. Two of the following: Medicare Card, Centrelink Card, Bank Card, Credit Card, Student Card (secondary or tertiary), Proof of Enrolment with Australian Electoral Commission, Foreign Drivers Licence
  • How does your system work?

The system is accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. Simply login to our secure website and enter your candidate’s basic details (name, email address and contact telephone number), select the services required and we’ll take it from there or contact us.

  • What is Employrite’s process?

Simply login to our secure website and enter your candidate’s basic details (name, email address and contact telephone number), select the services required.  Our system will then email the applicant with instructions and a secure log in for the applicant to log in and complete their details. 

Once the applicant has completed their online details and provided copies of their consent and ID the client simply ticks the confirmation of ID on the system which prompts Employrite to process the checks.

You can log in to the system at any time to check the progress of your candidates and you will receive an email letting you know when the check(s) are complete. 

  • How long does it take to get a Criminal History result?

Most checks are processed with an hour (around 90-95%).  Any that are not immediately resulted are noted as Pending.  A check can be pending for up to 10 days (or more) but is usually less than that.

  • If an ACIC check is not immediately clear, but pending, how long will the result take?

This does happen from time to time and can take from an hour up to 10 or more days.  We do however stay in contact with ACIC and follow any outstanding checks through to completion as soon as possible.  The Employrite online system is updated with any information relating to general delays or follow ups on specific files so you will always know what is happening.

  • How can I speed things up?

Employrite is a long standing Accredited Agency of ACIC and receives the fastest turnaround times that ACIC are able to offer.

  • What if the applicant does not agree with the result

An applicant may refute the result (in full or part) and we will provide the applicant with relevant Dispute Forms and procedures as well as full copies of the information disclosed.  We will also assist the applicant in completing the forms and will stay in contact with the applicant until the dispute has been satisfactorily completed.

  • What is the difference between an ACIC check and an Australian Federal Police (AFP) check?

These checks are essentially the same thing as we all use the ACIC system to obtain the information.  The AFP check result is a printed certificate on AFP secure paper.  The AFP checks take about 3-7 days to complete.  The ACIC direct check is turned around instantly in 95% of cases and a unique reference number is provided to match to the ACIC search result.   In most cases you only need to obtain a National Police check (via the ACIC system) but in special circumstances such as Immigration purposes, an Australian Federal Police check would be required.

  • What if we need an Australian Federal Police (AFP) Check can you provide one?

We can provide AFP checks.  We can set up each client / area with relevant types of checks required.  The applicant would need to print out the forms from the online system (after entering all relevant information) and provide clear copies of ID.  The forms and ID would need to be scanned and uploaded to the system.  We then submit the request for a Criminal History Check and receive the resulting Certificate in about 3-7 days.

Employrite strive to provide us with a top quality service that allows us to ensure the quality of our candidates.

HR Manager, NZ Power Company
Top quality service assures quality of candidates, New Zealand

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