In 2018 Employrite is offering the RealMe authentication to clients who wish their candidates to assert their RealMe identity as an alternate way to confirm their identity.  Also RealMe can be used in the Criminal Conviction check, rather than uploading signatures and ID.  A candidate will be able to ascert their RealMe ID, or if they do not have one, be able to apply and obtain their RealMe identity via the Employrite online system.  Once the identity has been completed, they can re-access the online system again and ascert their RealMe identity.

Employrite sees this developing into a best practice form of identity confirmation.

RealMe also efficiently meets AML/CFT Customer due diligence or evidence of identity credential requirements.  It reduces compliance overheads, fraud, duplication and data-entry errors.

RealMe can be used in two ways: to prove who you are when you’re online, and to log into lots of New Zealand sites and services — including Passports, Work and Income and the Companies Office.

RealMe® was created by the Department of Internal Affairs and New Zealand Post.  It’s officially backed by the NZ government and designed to give you control over your information.

The RealMe service doesn't store any of the verified information you provide about yourself — it just acts as a conduit to help you share that information with participating organisations that need it. You always see and approve exactly what’s being shared.

  • When you apply for something online, the organisation you’re applying to needs to know you are who you say you are.
  • Instead of going into an office with ID and proof of address, log in and share your details through your RealMe account.
  • The RealMe service only stores the information needed to manage your account (like your username and password). 
  • RealMe has been designed so that organisations can trust the information shared by you.

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Just thought I would take 5 minutes out of my day to drop you this note just to say a big thank you and your team and keep up the good work.

Lynne Cowan
Vendor Sales Support, New Zealand

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